When Black Women Direct: Queen Latifah Gets Women of Color Behind the Camera

Minority directors are underrepresented in film at a degree of three to one, while women are underrepresented at a rate of seven to one, according to UCLA’s 2018 Hollywood Diversity Report. There is clearly room for progress here in terms of equality, especially for women who are black or of another minority identity. Rapper, singer, actress, label president, author, real estate developer and entrepreneur Queen Latifah is out to shift the scales...

Where Islam Meets Hip-Hop: a Conversation with Amirah Sackett of “We’re Muslim, Don’t Panic”

“Strong, beautiful and powerful,” — that’s how Amirah Sackett wants to portray Muslim women through dance, choreography and teaching. She’s well-known for choreographing the work of the “We’re Muslim, Don’t Panic,” (WMDP) dance group. This dance trio explores and embodies Sackett’s female Muslim-American identity by paring traditional Muslim attire with Hip-Hop moves.

You Will Not Be Forgotten: Artist Sandy Rodriguez Calls Us to Witness and Act

“You will not be forgotten,” artist and educator Sandy Rodriguez promises the seven children portrayed in her recent art show at the Charlie James Gallery in Los Angeles. These Central American child migrants all died in U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) custody during 2018 and 2019. Rodriguez, who is institutionally trained and also comes from a family of Mexican artists, painted each child as part of a larger series called Codex Rodriguez-Mondragón...

Artist Justin Brice Guariglia Works With NASA To Raise Awareness Of Rising Sea Levels

Multi-disciplinary artist Justin Brice Guariglia is the first artist to be embedded in a NASA mission. This collaboration is funded through private grants. Guariglia will be flying with the Oceans Melting Greenland (OMG) mission on flights through 2020. OMG is studying the degree to which warm, salinated Atlantic water is melting Greenland’s glaciers in order to better estimate sea level rising.

The Woman Card Project: A Visual Celebration of Powerful Women (PDF in new tab)

The Woman Card project is a creative response to Donald Trump’s assertion during the 2016 U.S. presidential race that, “the only thing [Hillary Clinton’s] got going is the woman’s card.” Clinton’s campaign quickly released a woman card of their own for her supporters, which is no longer available for purchase. Maddy Kramer, senior art Director at VML Kansas City, came up with her own idea for a creative response celebrating women: an entire deck of cards...

“What Were You Wearing” Art Exhibit Explores Rape Culture’s Persistent Question

In September 2017, Kansas University (KU) held the “What Were You Wearing?” Student-Survivor Art Installation in the student union. The exhibit centered on displays representing sexual assault survivors answers to this persistent question regarding their attire at the time of the attack. It was inspired by the poem, “What I Was Wearing…” by Dr. Mary Simmerling.
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